Johnsonville School has four whanau-houses - Korimako (green), Pihipihi (silver), Tieke (red) and Tui (blue). Each whanau-house is named after a New Zealand native bird that feed off the flowers of harakeke (flax). 

Introduced in 2012, the whanau-house system is a vibrant part of the school's culture and aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The whanau-houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and school staff.

Each whanau-house has two Year 6 Whanau-House Leaders who help the teachers organise the events that make up the school's whanau-house competition. 

2018 Whanau House Leaders
Korimako (Taryn Betty and Patrick Saunders)
Pihipihi (Mackenzie Curtis and Ted Henderson)
Tieke (Riley Timmins and Hannah Wharehinga)
Tui (Maggie Elder and Samuel Menzies)

Past Whanau House Leaders:

2017 Whanau House Leaders
Korimako (Luke Naftel and Rhea Whiteman)
Pihipihi (Aliyah Cox and Sam Urlich)
Tieke (Oliver Cuthbert, Peehoo (until June) and Avin (from June)
Tui (Devin Leaupepe and Emma Norris)

Korimako (Akio Shibahara and Tayla)
Pihipihi (Asher Wright and Brooke Wharehinga)
Tieke (Ben Corlett and Mahita)
Tui (Briana and Hayden)

Korimako (Che and Jemma Ellingham)
Pihipihi (Aaliyah and Anirudh)
Tieke (Aurora and Joshua)
Tui (Eve and Theo)

Korimako (Laura and Warrior Pihema)
Pihipihi (Aditya G and Felicity)
Tieke (Felix and Kiri Shibahara)
Tui (James and Rebecca)

Korimako (Aaron and Cara)
Pihipihi (Thomas G and Virginia)
Tieke (Christopher Sa and Victoria Green)
Tui (Alex L and Isabella)

Korimako (Isaac Bloomfield and Victoria)
Pihipihi (Farin and William)
Tieke (Lexi and Mitchell)
Tui (Alex and Jody)

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