Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Scavenger Hunt!!

On the beautifully sunny Thursday afternoon (25th July), we held the great Whanau-house scavenger hunt!! This was an excellent event of whole school fun, where students from each syndicate (Juniors, Middles and Seniors) all worked together in their Whanau-house groups to find clues.

We are really proud of the Whanau-house leaders who led and organised this event.

Winner -   Tui (50 points + 10 bonus points)
2nd Place: Korimako (40 points + 20 bonus points)
3rd Place:  Tieke (30 points + 10 bonus points)
4th Place:  Pihipihi - 30 points + 10 bonus points)

Scores have been updated.

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