Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The Senior Syndicate classes are looking forward to the inter-class Maths Ladder Competition to be held on the last day of the term.

Who can recall the multiplication facts the fastest and make it to the top of the maths ladder?

Which Senior Syndicate class will rule supreme? 

Which Whanau-House will earn the most whanau-house points?


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hockey Festival


Junior Syndicate Competition
1st TUI (18), 2nd KORIMAKO (17), 3rd TIEKE (11), 4th PIHIPIHI (7)

Middle Syndicate Competition
1st KORIMAKO (17), 2nd PIHIPIHI (13), 3rd TUI (12), 4th TIEKE (10)

Senior Syndicate Competition
1st PIHIPIHI (19), 2nd TIEKE (16), 3rd KORIMAKO (10), 4th TUI (8)

House Placings and Points Awarded:
1st KORIMAKO (44), 2nd PIHIPIHI (39), 3rd TUI (38), 4th TIEKE (37)

These points have been added to the SCOREBOARD. Go to the SCOREBOARD page to see which whanau-house is currently in the lead.

A huge thank you to the Hockey Festival organisers and umpires.