Wednesday, 29 June 2016

HOCKEY Festival

House Placings and Points Awarded:
1st PIHIPIHI (46), 2nd TUI (45), 3rd KORIMAKO (43), 4th TIEKE (34)


The overall winner's medal

Congratulations to following kids who have made it through to the MASTERMIND FINAL which takes place in our school hall on Friday 8 July at 1.30 pm:

Year 3: Daniel Hawkes (Tieke), Theo Verkade (Tui) and Hunil You (Tui)

Year 4: Roman Demicoli-Cardona (Pihipihi), Ted Henderson (Pihipihi) and Keya Parekh (Tieke)

Year 5: Evan Bacchus (Korimako), Libby Saunders (Korimako)  and Toby Vrtue (Korimako)

Year 6: Elise Baddington (Korimako), Sierra O'Donnell (Tieke) , Lane Pearce-Metcalfe (Tieke), Daniela Peneranda (Tui)  and Amy Teekman (Tieke) 

Each year-level winner is presented with a $20 book voucher.

Friday, 17 June 2016


Congratulations to our MATHS LADDER CHAMPION - Akio Shibahara and to the winning Senior Syndicate class: ROOM 1.

The winning team

 TOP 5: 1st Akio, 2nd Pramodh, 3rd Bishal, 4th Ansh & 5th Hayden.

House Placings and Points Awarded:
1st TIEKE (37), 2nd TUI (24), 3rd KORIMAKO (22), 4th PIHIPIHI (18)

These points have been added to the SCOREBOARD on the scoreboard page. Which Whanau-House is in the lead? IT'S PRETTY CLOSE!

Monday, 13 June 2016


The Roald Dahl MASTERMIND finalists will be announced at waiata hui on Thursday 16 June.
Roald DAHL