Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Scavenger Hunt!!

On the beautifully sunny Thursday afternoon (25th July), we held the great Whanau-house scavenger hunt!! This was an excellent event of whole school fun, where students from each syndicate (Juniors, Middles and Seniors) all worked together in their Whanau-house groups to find clues.

We are really proud of the Whanau-house leaders who led and organised this event.

Winner -   Tui (50 points + 10 bonus points)
2nd Place: Korimako (40 points + 20 bonus points)
3rd Place:  Tieke (30 points + 10 bonus points)
4th Place:  Pihipihi - 30 points + 10 bonus points)

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Friday, 5 July 2019

Maths Ladder Challenge - Year 5 & 6.

Another excellent display of Mathematical skill and knowledge was on display at the Maths Ladder challenge!!

Top individual: Keziah Palopalo (Pihipihi, Room 3) - Again!

Top class: Room 3 (Team: Zion, Xiao Yu, Karenza Luke, Sean, Nakul) 

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st PIHIPIHI (51)2nd TUI (39), 3rd TIEKE (32), 4th KORIMAKO (18)

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Cross Country

The  Johnsonville School Cross Country was once again an excellent day of racing and participation. The Tamariki were all amazing, and oozed the school values in their running and sportsmanship (especially P - Perseverance).

Winner: Tui (70 points)
2nd Place: Tieke (60 points)
3rd Place: Koromako (50 points)
4th Place: Pihipihi (40 points) 

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Football Competition

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Whanau-house Football Cup this year. The competition was fierce and the sportsmanship exemplary!

A big shout out for Alessandro Marchesse from Room 1 who played a major role in the tournaments organisation.

Winner: Koromako (50 points)
2nd Place: Tui (40 points)
3rd Place: Tieke (30 points)
4th Place: Pihipihi (20 points)

Monday, 26 November 2018

Maths Ladder - Year 5 & Year 6 Competition

Top individual: Keziah Palopalo (Pihipihi, Room 3) - Again!

Top class: Room 4 - Again! (Team: Patrick Saunders, Aarushi Sangar, Daniel Martinsen, Ricky Kriya, Kelly Cao and Ted Henderson) 

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st KORIMAKO (31)2nd PIHIPIHI (27)3rd TUi (26), 4th TIEKE (21)

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Great Geography Challenge

A huge "thank you" to everyone who supported the Great Geography Challenge. As a school community we raised $18,172!

Well done to all the kids for the effort they put into learning their geography facts and seeking sponsors.

The TOP 13 fundraising kids have each earned whanau-house points. Well done Ilina, Makayla, Alessandro, Andrei, Rishan, Seth G, Roman, Maggie H, Kirsten, Sophia U, Lily R, Jessica R and Hailey T.

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st KORIMAKO (32)1st PIHIPIHI (32)3rd TIEKE (24), 4th TUI (16)

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Mr Schon's Start-of-Term Flag Quiz

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st = TUI, PIHIPIHI and TIEKE (15 each)

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Maths Ladder Competition - Years 5 & 6

Congratulations to:
Xinya Lin (Room 2) - 1st place  
Room 4 = Top Year 5/6 Class
House Placings and Points Awarded:
1st PIHIPIHII (31), 2nd TUI (27), 3rd KORIMAKO (13), 4th TIEKE (11)

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House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st TIEKE (185), 2nd TUI (150), 3rd PIHIPIHI (148), 4th KORIMAKO (100)

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Friday, 6 April 2018


To celebrate a great term of learning, and to get to know our
Whanau Housemates better, we're having a whole-school Scavenger Hunt
on the last day of Term 1.

If possible, come to school on Friday wearing your Whanau House colour - Tui (blue), Tieke (red), Pihipihi (grey/silver) and Korimako (green).

Whanau House will be up for grabs!

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st TUI (64)2nd KORIMAKO (63), 2nd TIEKE (63), 4th PIHIPIHI (62)

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Sea Week - Healthy Seas, Healthy People

Thanks everyone for your awesome effort on Monday for Seaweek

The Enviro Team that organised this event was blown away by the creativity that was on show. Everybody who came to school dressed the part earned their whanau house a point. See how many points each whanau house got below.
We collected $202.10 for Sustainable Coastlines. Kia ora.

House Placings and Points Awarded:

1st KORIMAKO (48), 2nd TIEKE (44), 3rd TUI (42), 4th PIHIPIHI (41)

These points have been added to the SCOREBOARD.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Sea Week

On Monday 5 March we are all going to dress up as sea creatures! It's a whanau house challenge. Each person who dresses up will gain one point for their whanau house.